The Dance Factory

The Dance Factory

The Dance Factory

International Training Camp The Dance Factory



Our organizer, former World Champion Mirjam Zwijsen, hosts the Dance Factory training camp twice every year for 10 years. 2022 is the year of the 10 years anniversary of this international training camp “The Dancefactory” and had become one of the most successful training camps in Europe.

We are providing high quality group and private lessons by today’s leading DanceSport trainers and coaches. In the recent seventeen camps, dancers from the highest level found their way to The Netherlands.

By giving a limited amount of couples the opportunity to train in our camps we keep the quality high and for the first time we’ll be hosting the camp in the CanDance Studios Amsterdam.

Overall, joining our training camp will give you the opportunity to train next to your favorite couples and be trained by the legends. So what are you waiting for? Register today.

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INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CAMP (No more lessons available)

11-12-13 MAY 2022